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Default Re: New band problems...

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
...hen he's talking to his friends on Facebook he refers to us as 'his' band...."hey, have you heard my band"...."my band rehearsed last night"....

Drives me mad..."my"

Mebbe it's my drummer mentality (I've always considered drummers to be the most selfless members of bands) but I would never EVER refer to any band I'm in as 'mine' or 'my band'.....

I sort of know what he means....but it's a state of mind for's 'our band' or 'the band I'm in' etc. this a bit I being unreasonably touchy about this stuff
I don't think so, but I have that same sensibility you do on this "my" band thing. I get rubbed even more raw when I'm introduced to someone by a bandmate as "my drummer". Oh man, that bugs me! You're right: there's nothing wrong with it exactly and maybe it is being nitpicky but it does reveal a state of mind that I'm not wanting to be in a band with!

Other than that, no good advice from me. Sounds like a fairly complicated situation with no clear path forward. DED distilled it down pretty good, but you don't like being half-assed, and they're good friends, so I guess you just gotta decide what the important thing is, then keep it as the important thing (how deep is that?? :)
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