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Default Re: Show off your Peavey!

Originally Posted by Red Hawk View Post
there was a kit just like that a handful of years ago in a pawn shop here in fargo...

I wish I would have bought them, but at the time had no idea that they were as cool as they are. It was a 6 piece kit and if i remember right the price tag for the whole thing was 700 bucks.

If I could kick my own ass, I would.

Awesome kit... I'm envious. I know how good those drums sound now, and wish I would have known years ago.
Don't feel bad, I missed out on a kit in 2010 - (10,12,14,16 fl, 22 bass +14sn), hi-hats, ride, crash and splash cymbals (not the greatest pies - but even so), stands, throne and double kick pedal = $900.

So, when it comes to kicking one's own ass, your not alone. I've been looking for a set ever since, but in the meantime, make do with my RP 501's.
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