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Default Re: Music, how important is music?

Man....that's seriously touching stuff. Sat at work with a good old tear in my eye watching it.

Music's so emotive....A few weeks ago I'd had a really, really shitty day at work so I decided I'd try to cheer myself up on the way home. I'd purchased some CD's the day before. Totally random ones. There's a great shop near work where you can get like 10 CDs for's like a dream world in there....

I'm a big Morrissey I whacked my Morrissey play list on random.

The first song that came on was Come Back to Camden....

Picture the image of a 24 stone, six foot four guy (a big unit), stood at a tram stop in the Manchester rush hour rain with tears of joy quite literally streaming down my face.

It does me every fking time....I try to not let it but man.....

When I'm 90, and "the band I'm in have started playing different tunes", the lunatics are on the grass, and all that....I imagine I'll respond like Henry if someone slips some headphones on and plays Come Back to Camden to me....

Come Back to Camden - Morrissey (nice drumming on here to)
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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