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Default Re: Stanton Moore

When Galactic was in town a month or so ago I actually got a private lesson from Stanton. It was the best experience of my life. The best part of it was that it was only $100 for an hour. I guess most people dont know it but at his website it says that he gives Master classes, clinics, and private lessons. I just sent a e-mail and it was set up. I got to play on his set on the H.O.B stage. I must say his cymbals and drums sound amazing. They were just tuned perfectly.
I was worried that he would just go over stuff from his DVD's, but he really made a point not too. One of my friends had seen him in a clinic and said that he really just tried to promote his DVD and concentrated on his DVD, He really didnt and that made me glad.
He was a great guy and very nice and it was worth every pennie. If Galactic is ever in town I would try and get a lesson because its worth it.
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