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Default Re: New band problems...

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
Do I suck it up and just roll with things for the time being
No way. You may not be trying to set the world alight, but it obviously means something to you to be professional, regardless of how far you're gonna take this thing. I'd thrash this out from the outset in order to be clear everyone is on the same page.

1) no wifes/girlfriends/friends at rehearsals...
2) ditch the daft image. We aren't an Oasis tribute act
4) Concentrate on singing and learning the songs at this stage instead of showmanship.
5) Stop trying to run when we are only on the toddling along stage.
Like this ^^^.

Defintely a great start. This is straight to the point and does not have to be delivered in a way that aggravates or offends. Never hurts to make your expectations clear. Sure, you wanna have a bit of fun, but you also want to maintain a level of professionalism while you're doing it.....expecting both is not unreasonable.

Addressing those fives issues is definitely how I'd approach this too.

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
Or do I walk out (I'm tempted to) and find another band.
Only you can answer this. But I'd at least raise the issues and try to trash it out and see what response I got first. Doubt it'll take long for you to be able to read the signs.
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