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Default Re: New band problems...

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
If you were a bunch of 20 year olds trying to form a working band, I'd say, Oh lord, how unprofessional, run while you can.

But I take it this is more a bunch of 40+ yr olds who are not professional musicians anyway all getting together to have fun. And for the singer, that's what it is: fun.

There are two lines that stick out:
"Or do I walk out (I'm tempted to) and find another band."
"I've not picked up a drumstick for about 8"

Those two lines seems to not quite line up.

What is really the goal of the band?
Are you go to gout and try to become rockstars?
To gig every weekend as a working cover band?
Or just to occasionally play some parties and bars?
Do you even care if the band plays out?

No doubt the singer is trying to put the cart before the horse, but if the goal is not really take the cart anywhere other than to enjoy the ride, does it matter?

Granted, such a singer would drive me batty too, as I really can't stand not having a certain level of professionalism in a musical situation, but at the same time, if I'm just jamming with some buddies for the sake of jamming, then I'm not too concerned about the level of professionalism.
I appreciate your thoughts.
Man I didn't even want to pal (guitarist) twisted my arm, pushed and cajoled, and eventually persuaded me to stand in while they found a full time drummer (yeahhh right).
I'm a 'no half measures' kind of guy....I told the guy at the time that I'll play, but in doing so I will put my entire commitment behind the band...I've ever been thus with bands...they are a big issue for me. I, at least I like to think, am a big team player.
So, the band initially starts off 'jamming'....messing about...just for laughs.
But the 2-3 hours of practice every single day since, and a band sound which is, well hell it's pretty god....I think there is a hole...and I have suggested what the hole is (I think we lack a guitar or keyboard) but I'm cautiously optimistic that we could be giggiing six months from now.
The other lads feel we should be gigging in like a week from now...I'm more 'grounded', or I'd like to think professional than that....I want us to gig when we are ready.
But....this singer....he's causing me concern....and I'm pretty savvy to know that that concern will gently fester until it begins to drive me mad.
Hence I raised my concerns on here.
Really, what I'm looking for is a view from the I being a bit of a miserably old bastard or are my concerns fair....
If people come on here saying "what the fuck are you talking about.....we always bring our wives to rehearsal and she always takes the stage for a few songs"....then I can promise you I will shut my face and concentrate on honing my drumming.

In terms of the two lines to which you directly point...
I've been drumming now for about 3 months and have found it like riding a bike.
I spent 8 years in a Beatles tribute band....there are LOTS of such bands in driving distance of myself (I am 30 miles from Liverpool)....I'm pretty confident I could walk into a Beatles tribute band right now and play to a level where I'd be snapped up.
So my thoughts are on cutting my losses right here and trying to find a band who I will fit in with pretty well.
It's a tough one for me...these lads are good friends of mine. I want to give it longer and sort things out
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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