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Default Re: New band problems...

Originally Posted by Masheanhed View Post
Best to lay it out on the table now rather than go on for a while and it escalates. You aren't going to be happy with this set up until these issues are rectified.

Sounds like the "singer" is more interested in being a rockstar than in being in a band. It is good to have a stage prescence but don't put the cart before the horse: he needs to learn his parts before he can get on stage and do the glamour bit.

I've never minded a wife showing up to a practice on occassion to watch as long as she keeps her mouth closed and isn't a nuisance. When they become Yoko Ono, then they gotta go.
You've reminded me of another thing....which your words give some real credance to....
When he's talking to his friends on Facebook he refers to us as 'his' band...."hey, have you heard my band"...."my band rehearsed last night"....

Drives me mad..."my"

Mebbe it's my drummer mentality (I've always considered drummers to be the most selfless members of bands) but I would never EVER refer to any band I'm in as 'mine' or 'my band'.....

I sort of know what he means....but it's a state of mind for's 'our band' or 'the band I'm in' etc. this a bit I being unreasonably touchy about this stuff
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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