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Default Ticket Prices for Muse 2012 Tour

The wife's a big fan of Muse and we last saw them at Wembley Stadium; even though that was 2 years ago the base price for a ticket was 40GBP. Muse have just announced an arena tour of Europe for the end of the year and despite tickets for places like Madrid and Prague going for around 40EUR (or local equivalent), the tickets for London are 55GBP (which is more like 70EUR): and we're not talking Wembley Stadium - this is at the O2 arena in Greenwich which I think is a shite venue.

What the hell happened? I mean, I know Muse have above average production costs with their sets and pyrotechnics etc, but with booking fee etc that's 60 quid to see a bloody rock band. This has been going on for a while with some acts charging ridiculous amounts for tickets - but is this exorbitant pricing limited to the UK, or is this happening everywhere? Are these costs justified in terms of touring expenses or are they assuming we're all just empty headed bimbos who will pay through the nose for what is only about a 2 hour show?

I wouldn't mind if it was like 60 to be at the front and 20 to be at the back but I don't think it works like that anymore.
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