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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Yep, all me on the records since 1980, and thanks!

The sounds are at least 90% me, and the rest is up to the engineer if necessary. I'm basically on my own in terms of sounds, whether it's acoustic drums & cymbals, or samples (I also do all of the drum programming/sound-design as required.)

We get plenty of respect, particularly from fellow recording artists. They know full well how difficult it can be recreating parts and sounds to the extent that we do. I was very flattered when one of my heroes said he couldn't do what I do, and another major drumming star said that I'm "a great drummer" :)

Great stuff man, I envy you, you've definitely got one of the coolest, most diverse gigs going.

I used to record covers of random band songs from different styles, played the drums, piano and programmed bass and other bits just so I could learn HOW these guys got their sounds and see how close I could get it.
It's a fine art and not easy to do so respect, I think you's nail the sounds.

Al must be great fun to be around too!
I like my drum sound fat and simple. Just like me.
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