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Default Hello from Phoenix

Been a luker on this site from time to time. Tons of info. Last time I lurked was a few weeks ago looking at the hi-hat at the 10-12 o'clock postions. Pretty interesting. I'm going to try that soon.

I started at 37 playing drums. I'm 39 now. I only know one song really well and I know a handful enough to have fun. My only problem is getting my feet coordinated with my hands.

My 2 youngest kids, 2 and 3 bang on my drums. My 3 year old son has a little kit of his own. Mom says he 'practices', she calls it bangs, on his drums about an hour a day.

Regretfully, I should have started a lot sooner. And I don't get to practice how much I'd like or should.

Favorite music is heavy metal...Mushroomhead, Hatebreed, KSE.
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