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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

It would be so much easier if we as musicians approached being in a band as the job that it is. What I mean by that is, when people start screwing up, talk to them about it, so that you have it on "record." Also that treats everyone in the band as an adult, let's them know what is expected of them and/or what their responsibilities are.
Wouldn't you rather know that something you are doing with a band is not working, BEFORE, they kick you out?
It is amazing to me how many of us, me included, turn into chickens when it comes to talking to a band member about something that is pissing us off so much so that the joy has gone out of playing with that band?
I'll bet most of us wouldn't think twice about telling that jerk at work to stop doing whatever it is that pisses us off, or going to our boss about something we don't like at work. Why is being in a band any different?
Just my $.02 worth.
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