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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

here’s my feedback on Serpents Rise II (after 2 listening rounds – it took me a while to find the time to listen to that album focused and in one continuous go). I don’t have specific comments to some tracks but have listed some general impressions at the bottom of this post. Sorry for my lack of synonyms for *cool*, haha. I didn't have an overly creative moment when writing this feedback.

#1 – Here Comes The Shield Bearer
Cool change into the slower part (from 2.xx).

#5 – Into The Further
I liked the relaxed interludes/parts at the beginning (Gabe's bass solo) and the end (jazzy feel). Great clean parts & cool 70's vibe sound.

#6 – Dyer Consequence
Cool part from 2.40, with a cool tension/power buildup from 3.15. I could imagine a short "weird" lead guitar outro.

#7 – Embrace Solution
Cool slow drums – I like it! And a cool sound in the (mini) intro.

#8 – The Underlining Fury
Those harmony parts from 2.00 are really "awakening" ;-) I'd wish that overall there would be more lead parts in this vein in a few of the other tunes, too. Cool ending.

#10 – The Soul Obsidian
Very nice clean part. Tasty drum work – makes me want to play some lead guitar on top.

#11 – Feeding The Spirit Eater
Cool odd time signature groove, with groovy drums. Creates an interesting mood – which turns "dark" from 1.30.

#13 – Marvelous Incompetense
Groovy drums, cool tribal toms! I think that tune is a bit too long though.

#15 – Take Me To Median
I’d vote for the ending to be a bit smoother, felt a bit too rapid to me.

General thoughts
Overall this album is a remarkable body of work, sounds fresh, is very enjoyable to listen, has a nice mix both sound-wise and in terms of tension vs. release in the arrangement and song parts with lots of time signature changes. For me personally, the "minus vocals" concept of that album makes it much more digestible (you're mentioning this aspect on your DVD). I also like the bass to be easily detectable in the stereo field. The ultra low guitar tuning is very inspiring! I want to try this on one of my guitars. That concept of having 2 interlaced but independent guitars is quite clever, and the overall sound transparency benefits from the guitar sound not being overly overdriven. I can learn A LOT from you how to create more "colour" and varitation on the guitars.

Did I mention the drums sound great and thunderous? And that's because the guy who played and recorded them knows what he's doing ;-)

Once again - thank you for this remarkable album and for sharing it!!
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