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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hey All!

Real name - James
Age - 16
How long have you been playing - 3 Years
Origin of user name - Acronym of first band's name and my role in that band
Your top 5 drummers - Peart, Bonham, Manson, Grohl, Hawkins
Make of drum kit - Pearl Export & 1 DW performance snare
Make of cymbal - All Zildjain
Where do you practice - Living Room
Are you in a band - If jamming with a buddy & School of Rock counts the Yes.
Do you play covers or originals - Now mostly covers, I miss having the freedom that originality gives though.
What style of music - Rock mostly, but with in that i tend to like most rock sub-genre's though
How did you start drumming - I asked my dad if I could get a kit and he said yes, but only if completed Enter Sandman on medium in Rock Band. The out come of that is self explanatory.

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