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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!


I'm a 37 year old drummer from Memphis, TN. I played professionally for 7 years before going to graduate school. After some serious life changes, I'm back into playing and have joined the best band in all my 20 years of music. Though most of my playing in the past fell under the 'whatever pays the bills' category--in my case this meant a good deal of theatre work and wedding dates--my heart was in good, solid songwriting; likewise, I really obsessed over the guys who I thought did it best, especially Andy Newmark and Jim Keltner. This shows even in my gear: I play a '79 Yamaha 9000 series kit (Newmark) and Paiste Traditionals (Keltner). I look forward to getting involved in this online drumming community!
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