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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

In my stick bag:

5 pr. Nova 5A (Vic factory seconds)
1 pr. Vic Firth Maple 5A
1 pr. Zildjian 5A
1 pr. Zildjian Trilok Rock sticks (trying them out)
1 pr. Vic Firth Jazz Rake Brushes
1 pr. Vic Firth Rutes
1 pr. Vater whips
1 pr, Vater Whip Sticks (sticks w/ whips on other end)
2 Rhythm Tech Eggz Shakers
1 Rhythm Tech Torque memo Key drum key
Many drumkeys of various sizes
Moongel pads for muffling

In my open mic night backpack (includes stickbag)
iPod and earbuds, digital camera, USB Stick, Leatherman multi tool, small screwdrivers, duct tape, AA batteries, Nine Volts, guitar picks, and spare Ernie Ball guitar strap, 2 mic cables, 1 spare vocal mic, a shure sm57 mic, 1 long guitar cable, Mini Mag lite flashlight, large swiss army knife, spare snare chord, cymbals sleeves and felts, spare bass drum beater patch, extra drum keys, extra pair of sticks, small note pads and many pens and pencils/ highlighter, Interstate Music catalog, and an issue or two of Modern Drummer. Whew!
Long story short you can never be too prepared for Open mic night. anything can happen and it would stink to have a great artist or local miss out because they forgot something. I'm Jonny on the spot!
"You can never have too many snare drums! At least they're not crack!" - Matt Chamberlain
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