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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello, I'm Derek from Rockland, ME.
I'm 33, been playing for 16 years, and my main gig right now is a local open mic night. Think rods/brushes etc. for mostly acoustic guitars

My drums: Mapex Pro M 5-piece rock kit maple/basswood/maple 12', 13', 16' 22' kick 14' Pearl Brass Sensitone Snare 10 lug ( I also have the matching wood snare that came with the kit 14' eight lug that I sometimes use for a mellower sound.)

Cymbals: Zildjian A customs 16' Crash, 18' Fast crash, 13' Hit Hats, A series 21' Sweet Ride (for lighter stuff/acoustic) Z Custom 20' Power Ride (For rock, blues. etc.) 16' Oriental China

Sticks: Zildjian 5A, Vic Firth Maple 5A, Vater Whips and Stick Whips (drumstick/whip), Vic Firth Rutes and Jazz Rake brushes

My drum heros: Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Chad Sexton of 311, Ringo, Charlie Watts, Bonham, Jaime Oldaker With Eric Clapton Stan Lynch (TP + Heartbreakers), Steve Ferrone, Abe Laboriel Jr., Tyler Stewart With BNL, Don Henley of the Eagles (such taste and great timekeeping!) Phil Rudd of AC/Dc, Joey Kramer, Chad Gracey (Formerly with Live) Steve Gadd, Max Weinberg (Springsteen), Hal Blaine, Bily Ward, Chad Smith (great drummer, great guy! Now a R&R Hall of Famer!), Matt Cameron, Jack Irons, Steve Jordan, Chris Layton, Zoro, and many many others!

Cheers, guys!
"You can never have too many snare drums! At least they're not crack!" - Matt Chamberlain
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