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Dave Ruan from Lagwagon sounds extremely technically efficient, as does Jordan Burns (who also comes up with very creative, often metal-influenced parts) from Strung Out. In terms of 'feel', Derek Grant from Alkaline Trio is unrivalled (for me), though I also love Travis's more hip-hop orientated grooves. Incidentally, I found it quite interesting to note that Matt Skiba (lead singer and guitarist of Alkaline Trio) was initially a drummer for a few other bands before forming Alk3. Chad Sexton is also great if you consider 311 punk. Having said this, I wouldn't brand them 'better' than Travis, as Jason said, they're merely different, but also stand out in the punk scene. Andy Hurley of Fall Out Boy is better than people will give him credit for (as is the whole band).

Does anyone else have good punk/pop-punk drummer recommendations?
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