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I know this is an old thread. Ok, really old. But I have a reason for posting. Last Friday I went down to a local bbq place with a bar that is within walking distance of my house. I have eaten there several times before but never heard music there. I had heard that recently they had music but thought it was local talent and small acts since there isn't much room for a band. So I walk in on Friday with a friend for a last minute drink and hear a band playing: Keys, guitar and drums. They really sounded good. Tight and grooving, slick and "professional". I didn't recognize the drummer but didn't think much of it since the last thing I would expect is to know the drummer in West Orange, NJ. Then the keyboard player introduces the guitarist (who I had not heard of) and the drummer: Buddy Williams. I have been listening to Buddy during my 35 years of dreaming of being a drummer but never having the talent to do it for real. Of course they sounded amazing and it was a great night of music, even though we were 3 out of a total of 7 or 8 people in the place.

I too am amazed that Buddy is not one of the drummers listed on this website. Given his discography, I would think he deserves his own page.
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