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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

I'm working on a mostly 50's kit now except for the snare shell which I had built recently.
I couldn't find a 50's 3ply 6.5" snare shell anywhere. The drum sizes are 22/13/16...the 13 being an original 9x13 Cadillac Green tom......mid-50's I think. I have a 51 bd shell and a 53 floor shell. Fun project so far. But I'm not using this 10" tom in a project - only using it as is and it's a real nice drum all by itself. However, if a bass drum, snare and floor tom shows up on eBay some day it will be very hard not to get involved in the bidding process.

Lennyondrums: I love the Catalina Series Gretsch drums! They have some very cool finishes. I like yours.

Originally Posted by Skulmoski View Post
Good one; I've tucked conga heads and it was a fun and satisfying project.

Are you looking to make a vintage set?

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