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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

Hi everyone,

Wow, lots of nice kits already posted. I didn't see any examples of the older Tama super sunburst finish, 2 nice kits were newer sunbursts. So I thought I would share mine. Here is my full Tama kit, super sunburst finish. Drum finishes are all original. I don't have the snare that came with the kit, I switched to a Ludwig snare. A fun, great sounding kit to play. I use the same Tama hardware & stuff with my Ludwig kit.

14 x 6.5 Ludwig Supraphonic 402 snare
(2) 22 x 14 Bass drums
12 x 8 tom
13 x 9 tom
14 x 10tom
15 x 12 tom
16 x 16 fl tom
18 x 16 fl tom
6", 8", 10", 12" concert toms
26" Ludwig fiberglass tympani
29" Ludwig fiberglass tympani
26" Paiste gong
Tama hardware
bunch of cymbals
2 King Beat Tama pedals

1979 Tama Superstar Super Sunburst kit with some additions
Attached Images
1978 Ludwig Stainless Steel
1979 Tama Superstar
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