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Default Re: New guy in here!

Hew pics, forum!
I`ve finally got myself a rehearsal space. Actually i`m sharing a friend`s one, but that doesn`t matter. All it matters is that i`m finally back in business and i can pound my babies again! Lol, that sounds weird!
Here are a few pics.Not much has changed, i just added a few bits and pieces and my ex-guitarist`s crash and hi-hats are gone. I`m still not sure whether i like the splash where it is(i`d like it between the hi-hats and the 8" tom), but i`ll find its spot after my cymbal boom arm arrives. Also, i`m not sure if its angle is correct, as i can see (or i think i see) stick markings on the splash. Is that because of the size of it, or because of a bad angle?

And finally, a "driver`s seat" picture.

My 7 piece Millenium MX-222 kit. I love it!
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