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The Foos are my faves, as you can see by name. I love Taylor and he and I share a lot of the same drum heros and influences as I'm sure a lot of you do too. I loved the Back and Forth documentary they did. The interview with FF's bassist Nate Mendel talking about seeing Taylor with Alanis Morrisette is priceless! As you know he played with Alanis before the Foos and post Sass Jordan. It was with Alanis that he got to meet Dave and they became friends before Dave hired him to replace Will Goldsmith in the Foos. Alanis had just put out Jagged Little Pill and it was her border crossing rock breakout album. She wanted to be more that just a Canadian teen popstar, and chose her live band to be full on rock. And there's Taylor bashing away behind her stuff. Nate thought this was funny to him! Even on the mid tempo pop stuff he's totally rocking out!
He's great for sure and the drum sounds they got to analog tape (yes! analog tape!) on the new album sound amazing!
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