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Default Re: Donny Gruendler here!

Originally Posted by Donny Gruendler View Post
Hey Toza,
I suppose that would be up to you. Originally, I developed the time, sound and form exercises for backbeat based grooves. However, there is nothing to say that you couldn't apply these same principles of the excercise (the snare/kick, snare/kick/cymbals, 1 handed 16ths and 8th grooves) alongside your non-standard (I.e. non- 2 & 4 based) grooves.

If you do decide to move forward - please send me some transcriptions. I would love to see how you elaborated on these concepts. Best of luck!
Hi Donny. This "Time, sound and form stuff" is sick! Can you share with drummerworld community some foot pattern to go with this. Some patterns that you found very hard to play (that are very beneficial) I tried to play all basic patterns, but i need some more advanced. Thanx
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