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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Yeah! I just purchased and received my second DW kit, here it is:

This is a 1999-2000 DW kit, so it's DW shells, there is no vertical grain visible on the inside of the drums, which I believe means these are standard shells and not VLT shells. It's a black finishply with chrome hardware. There are some cosmetic issues, as with any used kit. There is pedal rash on the hoops, and some discoloration on the kick drum hoop wood. The two rack toms have some definite snare rash and the kit in general has some kniks and dings that I would assume is because it was used as a live kit previously. A couple of the air vent grommets are also missing, but I ordered those replacement parts already. Obviously the heads need to be replaced, I already had some 24" kick heads, so those were already swapped, but the toms came with some beat up heads on them and will need to be replaced as well.

Here's a size rundown (diameter x depth):

For the price I paid, you can't shake a stick at this. I ended up getting this thing for less than a grand. This is just a product of looking and waiting for the right purchase. I had been looking for a decently priced DW to play live for several months, because I don't want to take my satin finish kit out to get dinged up. Totally stoked.
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