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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by zep1 View Post
1992 Premier Projectors
9x10 Power Rack Tom
10x12 Power Rack Tom
11x13 Power Rack Tom
12x14 Power Rack Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
2 - 16x24 Power Bass Drums

The kit came with a 5.5x14 Premier Wood Snare that I've yet to identify. It also came with a Premier Hi Hat stand and a pair of Premier 252 Single Post pedals. I've got the kit set up with my Slingerland Festival snare, Pearl Eliminator pedals, Yamaha Hi Hat stand, all my Zildjians and a couple of Yamaha and DW cymbal stands.
Not a big fan of power toms (but it was l'air du temps , wasn't it?), but I still find you have a fabulous kit. And I still maintain Premier kits are generally underrated: I played quite a lot of them in the seventies and eighties and even in more recent times, and despite some esthetic perplexity I always found they sounded really good.
My Tamburo Original stave kit(s):
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