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Default Re: I have a problem

What's inflamatory depends on the person, anything you might have a slight allergy to,but the worst stuff is refined sugar and anything GMO or that is too far from an organic standard. Lots of people are allergic to e.g.peanuts, but considering what and inorganic nut contains, what they react might be thousands of different things despite the nut itself.

The next would be having an imbalance of omega 3 to your omega 6 fatty acids.

Tings that break up unflammation would be lemons and foods with high sulfur content. MSM is basically an organic sulfur supplement. Dmso is topical, but goes right through any tissue and brings any impurities with it, which is why it's no toy, but it works instantly.

Offocurse silicon is important. You can get it from bell peppers, cucumbers, nettle tea and so on. A good product would be Orogono Living Silica. They make products for both internal and topical use.

Occourse plenty of natural anti oxidants from natural foods, superfoods and spices. For supplements there's a product called MegaHydrate.

There is no one way. Find a natural doctor who's into this stuff and they'll probably be able to fix this both quickly and permanently.
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