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Default I have a problem

I have an issue that I'm dealing with that I'm trying to overcome. I have severe tendonitis in both of my wrists. I need to find a day job that pays well that won't hurt my wrists that I can do to help me get back on my feet to help me move towards my goal of being able to play music for a living.

I can't have a job where I type (someone else is typing this for me) because it causes my hands to hurt. Same goes for using a mouse. I also can't do a job where I have to lift heavy things cause this also causes pain.

Right now I'm working at a 7-11 and teaching drum lessons (I don't have very many students though. It's like everybody in my area has stopped playing the drums).

I can't gig right now to make more money because there is some gear I need to buy before I can. I also have to get my car repaired first as well (it runs to get me back and forth to work but I don't feel great about taking it long distances as is). I can't move toward reaching my musical goals until I get the gear I need and get my car fixed.

The last few years have been very hard for me financially. I really need to get back on my feet to reach my goals. Does anyone know of any jobs out there that I could do that pays well that won't hurt my hands?
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