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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by Von_Hamish View Post
Just stumbled across this topic. Damn you all! I'm so jealous :( I really want a Gretsch kit, I'm looking to get a Gretsch Renown Maple within the next few months. (13, 16, 24). My Gretsch snare is my baby. It sounds amazing. As much as I love my Tama kit, I really want a Gretsch kit lol.

Here she is. (Hopefully this link thing worked)
14x8 hammered brass. It sounds amazing!
Tamas are beautiful drums - I have an old Star bongo (Star became Tama) and I once owned a StarClassic 8x14 - massive sound!

That Gretsch Hammered snare is nice looks the same size as my old Tama.

Gretsch Cats are second to none for the price in my book...just awesome drums period.
I have some Renowns (PWAM - 6pc) and they sound incredible. All the Renown Maple drums are great - you can't go wrong with them.

Have you seen the Gretsch Brooklyn Series? I just can not get them out of my head. Mr. Keith Carlock is doing or has done some Gretsch clinics recently while featuring and demonstrating the new Brooklyn Series.

I will have to look at getting at least one of the snare drums in the near future. The only trouble I will have is trying to settle on a finish.

Royal Red Oyster is nice...
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