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Default Re: 'Drop leg' heel - toe

Originally Posted by (no-logo)
proper heel toe encorporates one downstroke of the leg obviously,
but as a starting point to learning this technique, should one 'drop' the leg down to create the first stroke, combining with the toes or should one use purely toes?
im worried about developing wrong technique.

also, is it wrong to drop the heel too much to get that second stroke?

how would you guys explain how you do this, is it relaxed for the first stroke and then tensed to get the second?

i know there are similar right foot threads but they are all too vague.
There seems to be some confusion when drummers talk about heeltoe
Everyone has there OWN way to explain it.LOL.
For MY heel strokes to get a doubles or triple I simply drop my heel and control how many notes I want.I leave my toes planted as I can control the motion a lot longer and reach greater speeds if I DO NOT lift my toes.
IMHO you do NOT need tension on either the up or downstroke.
Hope this helps and Good Luck
do this for
God Bless
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