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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

The only other project he has going on is he is currently setting up shows at a newer venue around the city we live in. Other than that, the band is his only other "commitment". I am actually getting ready to take a break from the band as I am expecting a son in September. We do have one small tour lined up the middle of next month(one successful mission on Todd's part) going from NY to PA to NJ, and working our way back up to Albany area. After that, Im done with shows until after the new year so I can be home with my newborn son and be helpin out with, ya know, the fatherly duties(I already have a 10 year old...should be cake, right?? hahaha)
So, maybe during that break, the band can get together for dinner or something and just sit down and talk and lay it out on the line:Get your sh*t together, Todd, and we need to burst back on to the scene when time comes. If hes not on board with it, then goodbye. We will find someone else who wants to have this band ready, and make it live to its full potential.
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