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Default Re: RIP Jim Marshall

Back in 1974 I was a kid drummer of 12, a family friend who worked at the Marshall factory in Bletchley where I lived got word to Jim Marshall and he agreed to hear me.
My dad and I duly cycled the 10 miles to his house in Aspley Guise where upon hearing me play he agreed to let me be his last private pupil.
We made that cycle trip weekly for the next 2 years as I learned my trade from the great man, he even wanted no money for teaching me but took a token gesture simply so that I did my work - he needn't have worried about that.

I became the 'Saturday boy' at Marshall Music - his Bletchley shop, where he eventually opened a drum school upstairs, I taught the beginners and he the advanced.

Now I'm 50 this year and am still plying my trade as a pro player, I've travelled the world over the past 30+ years and am currently on a show in London.

I returned to his Bletchley factory only once, we spoke, we reminisced, and then his son Terry took me round the factory, it was a lovely day.

I never addressed him as Jim but always Mr Marshall, RIP Mr M, I owe you everything.
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