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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Serpents Rise suggest downloading all the songs, THEN....listening to the entire recording.
The work is intended to be seamless....and, taken in as one body of music.

We hope you enjoy....and, interpret.

Serpents you can an instrumental entity.

Serpents Rise contributors...

Derek Roddy: Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Voices, sounds
Chip Staples: Percussion, Voices
Evan Kline: Percussion
Gabe Amato: Bass solo and Vibes on "Into The Further"
Mike Moreano: Guitar Solo on "Faced With Strife"

Musical Concept: Derek Roddy
Songs written and performed by: Derek Roddy
Logo Design: Derek Roddy/ R. Scott Johnson
Layout: Miguel Elasmar
Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by: Derek Roddy @ Aspidities Room Recording Studio
Mastered by: Jeremy Staska @ Studio 13

Cheers to:
Meinl Cymbals, DW Drums, Axis Pedals, Vater Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Shure Microphones, LeveL Rack Systems, Presonus, Jackson Guitars, Spector Basses, Fender Basses, Boss Pedals, Marshall Amps, Engl Amps, Scott Johnson and ETV Lowcountry TV, Steven Hires, Chris McAvoy, Todd (God) Tuner, Jayson Moore, Nicko McBrain and Rock and Roll Ribs, Jason Bittner, Jeff Lee and all at Resurrection Drums, Studio 13 (Jeremy Staska), all my snake buddies...Tom Keogan, Ben Siegel, Austin Curtis, Jay Eaton, Cindy and, all at
My family: Halle Roddy, Randy and Rosemary Roddy, Randy Roddy Jr, Larry Herzog,, All drummers everywhere! Forum members and YOU!!!!

Thanks for giving Serpents Rise a listen,
Derek Roddy

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