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Default Please identify this tune

Can someone please tell me what this tune is? I work in an automobile factory, and for 10 hours a day (or night) I hear this song over and over and over. It's our "andon" music, which plays automatically as an alert system for various issues while we assemble engines, and it basically never stops as long as the production line is moving. Other production lines in the factory play more familiar tunes, such as "Row Row Row Your Boat" or "The Entertainer" for 10 hours, but the attached mp3 is our tune. The sound is kind of like what you would expect from an ice cream truck. Back when our factory was still running very slowly and I had less responsibilities, I had enough downtime between engines to transcribe the song, and I wrote it out in Finale. It's almost exactly like the attached file, with a few slight changes at the end to make it sound more "final." I would love to tell everyone at work what this song actually is that we hear thousands and thousands of times. Thanks!
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