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Default The Little Monster

The Little Monster! This kit is a 12" X 10" Peace tom with a snare basket mounted on top. I screwed some angle irons to a wooden box and then attached a piece of wood to the angle irons (to clamp the kick pedal on.) I had to cut down a cymbal stand to about 4 inches long to slide into the tom holder on top of the tom, which I then slid the snare basket post into (basket post was too narrow for tom holder.) The tiny bass drum is tuned wide open and not muffled. I'm delighted with how great this little monster sounds. The snare is, of course, my Buffalo snare, but any snare can be used. The hi-hat pedal is a tiny little kids hi-hat that matches this kit perfectly. The whole thing is 27" high by 12" deep by 15" wide, making it officially the smallest kit I've ever built.
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