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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Wow, the real Derek Roddy on the forums! cool!

The first time I heard you play it wasn't your insane speed that caught my eye (mainly 'cos it's too fast to see) but it was your taste and phrasing. Really awesome man!

I'm sorry to hear about the DT thing, it makes sense now you explained it. I did wonder why they showed a bunch of such high calibre drummers sitting thinking then ALL the Mangini footage they just drooled over him the whole time. It was obvious who they wanted, I think it was a bit insulting to ask a group of the worlds best to come audition infront of the world when it was just a Marketing ploy to get them publicity and try to make every like Mangini taking over Portnoy more.

I bet in hindsight it seems obvious it was going to happen?

Nevermind, keep on destroyin'

I like my drum sound fat and simple. Just like me.
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