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Originally Posted by Jon B View Post
I'll start out by saying that I think you're a great drummer, you seem really great technique wise, and musically, and you can explain exactly what you're doing!

I have a few questions for you though. The first one is:

How do i practice without getting bored out of my mind?
I saw some of your videos a while back on youtube, the ones where you do 16, 12, 8, 4... on hands and feet, and then the right hand left foot (rh-lf-rh-lf) videos and I try to practice those fairly regularly. Lately, however, I haven't had access to a double pedal very much and going back to working my right foot a bunch has really shown me how weak my left foot is. I've tried your "weak foot buster" but its a little too dry for me to really focus for a long time, so do you have any tips on how to spice up working the weaker foot?

The second question is:

How do you set up your toms?

This might have already been addressed in the thread (if so sorry!) but Ive seen you use both a "traditional" set up, and then one where you switch you 10 and 12 (i think those are the sizes) so the 12 comes first. Lately Ive been thinking about trying this and I was curious as to why you did, where you first heard or came up with the idea, and the benefits and drawbacks of it. Do you prefer playing in that set up or is it just for creativity's sake?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Jon...Thanks for the props.
I hear ya on the "bored" part but, you have to keep the end goal in focus because our left foot doesn't care if you're "bored". Haha. If you don't put aside the time to work on it...even though it's will never get where you want it.
There is no right or wrong way but, the most effective way I've found to develop weaker limbs is.... to simply use them more.
Anything you can play with your weaker should be playing with it. Ride/hi hat patterns, kick drum phrasing...anything you can execute with your weaker side.....DO!

As far as my set up...I do that because I'm bored!!! Hahaha.

Seriously though, it depends on what I'm trying to work on.
When I was using the 12, 10 set up...I was focusing on playing left handed (because that's my weaker hand). So, with the 14 next to my main hi hat....I could play 10, 12, 14 leading from the left.
This not only worked on the actual notes leading left handed but, also hit the "motion" part of the exercise moving from left to right. It's one thing to play left handed on one's another to do it...moving from drum to drum.

I like to kill to birds with one stone in regards to "exercises". That's why I change the drums around a good bit. Opens up the "muscle memory" part of drumming.

Hope that helps,
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