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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

One of the most important things you can develop as a musician is your reputation.

Even the folks you dont really want to work with will effect how the general music community views you.

Are there other projects he is involved in you can encourage?

Are there other opportunities you could spend a little time developing for him?

If so, you could help him find a more sutable project to be involved in at the same time...then take a break...let him work the other project....then come back together sans unwanted member and find a new frontman...

...all while maintaining good will...

a little excessivly hopeful but win/win situation seeking is something highly prized.

..and should you need him to fill-in down the road you will still be on good terms...if not better terms...and you wont have to sacrifice playing opportunities...another reputation bonus!
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