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The U.S. is the #72 healthiest country according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and consume 70% of all prescription medicine manufactured in the world. But we're only 4% of the world's population. Hm. Seems like an utter failure to me. You'd think all these vaccines and drugs doctors push on patients would make us at least in the top 5 healthiest country. Um, no. Follow the money trail. The government admits this failure yet they don't allow anything other than dangerous chemo/radiation to treat cancer. Why? Money money money. $10,000 per radiation treatment vs. $10 per glass of organic juice. Which would your doctor rather see you do?

By the time a child is 18 they will have had over 68 (!!!) vaccines pumped into their bodies.

You, I and most others here had 3 or 4 as a kid and we're healthier than ever. Ooohh, chicken pox!! How scary!! It's just a rash that last a couple days then you have lifetime immunity. That's how the body (a living organism) work. It can heal itself WITHOUT dangerous drugs. "Ask you r doctor how he/she can get you on medications for life...."
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