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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

Originally Posted by blastbeatkeeper View Post
Well, first of all, I completely understand with what you guys are all saying....and in hind sight, it makes no sense at all.
Secondly, were an underground hardcore band....its not like were playing shows and walking out with hundreds of dollars in our pockets after every show. I think the most this band has made in its 2 years of being a band was 180 bucks in one night...the ironic part is that it was a show completely put together, promoted, and organized by Todd. Thats the reason we thought about having him stick around as our promoter/manager, due to the fact that when he wants to, he can make stuff happen.
We have already agreed that we are going to sit him down as a band and talk to him. We just dont know if we should offer an ultimatum, give it one more chance, or just fire him outright. And you guys are right. It doesnt make sense to put the managing resposibility on someone who cant even handle being the lead singer of a band. He is a good promoter, but I guess instead of taking the chance in having him screw us over, it would just be best to sever all ties and go from here. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.
I've been reading this thread for the last 2 days, and I have been in similar situations in bands before.

Historically Blast, have you had a discussion with Todd related to the issue(s) concerned?

If you haven't, then perhaps a discussion highlighting the issues with him, and offering an ultimatum could be what's needed, providing that the discussion could be handled in a friendly manner. Todd might agree and make the necessary effort to improve upon the issues being discussed.

As far as the singing/managing offering is concerned, there's a few things to consider, someone who's not a brilliant show man and singer could be a good manager and/or promoter, it all lies at what someone's best when it comes to these issues, since you've said that if he puts is mind to it, he can be very effecient, perhaps his strong skills is not being the frontman, perhaps he'll be better at organising and promoting your band from a background point of view. Also, being a friend to you, it could be the best of both world.

Just my 2c.
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