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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

Originally Posted by blastbeatkeeper View Post
Ok, this may get lengthy, but here it goes....

So, our frontman, isnt much of a frontman. Other than being one of the 2 remaining original members(myself included), we dont have any more reason to have him in the band. He hasnt always been the best lead singer, more or less, just into the whole party scene. Boozing, forgetting words to the songs, not showing up to practices, paying our room rent up to 2 weeks late. This is just some of the things weve dealt with with Todd, as we will call him. Ultimately, what we are looking for, is for Todd to step aside and manage the band, along with run his promotion buisness, and we will bring in a different frontman. We already have someone interested, so finding another singer isnt going to be a problem. The biggest thing is, is how do we tell Todd. Hes one to bug out, and flip a lid over stupid stuff. Do we tell him straight up? Do we offer an ultimatum of, look. You need to get your crap together, or else we are going to replace you. Or do we just lay it on the line. Tell him that we need to have him step aside and start to manage the band so we can bring in another sionger so that we can start progressing forward. Has anyone dealt with this? How did you do it? Im good friends with Todd, and I just know that he will end up flipping out, but I dont know what he will do when he flips out. Anyone? someone?
I am baffled. If you don't want him as a frontman because he is irresponsible, why on earth would you want him as a manager? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I almost want you to do it anyway as it will produce some very entertaining stories.
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