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Default Re: How do you tell your frontman that we dont want him anymore?

Originally Posted by gregcon View Post
Hey Todd, we're not doing this any more. Then, reform something 'different' without him.
A band I was in did that, within hours 4 of us quit around the leader, and within a day we were back practicing in a new band, happy as larks.
problem in this situation is they want the singer to quit but then to manage the band.

I agree it will be a negative reaction, and one in which you cannot expect him to agree to manage but not be the 'lead'. There's a certain amount of ego to be swallowed. Lead singers not known to swallow ego. My guess is if you are firing your singer you are also firing your manager and will need to find one of those too.

I work around people all day, but there' s no drama quite like 'band drama'
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