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Default Simon Wood - influenced by Simon Phillips, Mike Mangini, Gavin Harrison etc.

Hey gang!

I'm Simon.

I'm a drummer from Melbourne, Australia.

i'm only 20, but i've been playing for 14 years.

I was schooled in rock playing early, but switched to learning Funk/Fusion/Progressive in my teenage years with Melbourne-based Fusion big cat Frank La Macchia.

Recently, my band recorded our first album. We are called 'KETTLESPIDER' and we play instrumental progressive rock (like in the 70's) but our contemporary influences offer us a prog/post metal punch - it's a sweet blend!

Here's what i worked with in the studio. 2003 Premier Cabria's. Sounding mighty fine!

I love all kinds of music, though this world of 'prog' has really opened my eyes to the great music of the past and proved very inspirational to my playing.

I love the funk edge too - and was lucky enough to watch the great John Blackwell Jnr. play with Prince in Melbourne just last night. i've had grooves in my head ALL day long!

Anyway, open your mind and check out these tunes from Kettlespider - i'd love to know what you think of the music, and i'm looking for feedback on the drumming parts!


Simon Wood.

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