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Default Re: Good nutrition ideas?

Organic is worth it long term, but organic means a lot of things. The ultimate would be fresh, local and wirl crafted.

To make a home made diet work, you just have to learn to plan things ahead. I don't really use more time than most people who live on frozen pizzas, which is my country's nww national dish. I probably use less, since those people plan so little that they have to go to the store to buy one frozen pizza at a time.

Chopping off some veggies for a salad takes 2 minutes. Have things ready and have your kitchen set up so that it really works for you. Get rid of everything that's not in use and let everything that you need regularly have it's own place, where it can be used as is on the bench. You can prepare many things ahead just like e.g. marinating a piece of meat which I just do before I go to bed along with making my breakfast ready so it can soak up all the goodnes over night in the fridge. Or maybe do it if you have some extra time while making today's dinner. Make enough to have leftovers and have a plan to use them.

My smoothies which are my lunch tale litterarly 1 minute. I have the fluid base ready in the fridge. I have the dry ingredients already combined in one bowl and then just throw in whatever else I feel like. Ready to run out the door. I could also bring it with me in the morning or just do it at work.

Anything on a stove or an owen does pretty well on it's own. So just set a timer and continue with whatever needs to be done.

Both your health and also your bankaccount will thank you. Offcourse the save can be spent on fancier foods. Planning also helps so that you don't throw any food away. After observing a lot of modern people, including my own family it appears that the biggest mouth they are feeding is the trash can. It's like there's a whole other family living in there, which means they are spending easily twice as much as they should on the food they are eating because they don't plan.

People used to be really good at this during bad economic times. Imagine what could be done today. With the same amount of planning you can eat like a king every day, kep it healthy and add small amounts of tonic medicinal herbs from all over the world, previously reserved to emperors and those few in the know, for pretty cheap, and with the internet and international mail service it really doesn't matter where you live.

If you ask around I'm also sure, there are local people that produce stuff you can make use of at extremely low straight from the farm prices. Offcourse, all the plants in the forest are free and as fresh as it gets.
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