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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name - Will
Age - 40
How long have you been playing - 1980 -> 1995 (Quit for 15 years) 2010 -> Present
Origin of user name - My name plus my email addy that Ive had since forever.
Your top drummer - Impossible to say - too many styles, too many influences.
Make of drumkit - Roland V-Drum TD9KX modded to death. (yes I know - not prestigous)
Make of cymbal - Roland E-Cymbals
Where do you practice - Spare room AKA my home studio
Are you in a band - No, though I do some free session drumming for enthusiasts like myself.
Do you play covers or originals - Mostly covers.
What style of music - Rock/Metal are my happy zones
Favourite take out food - Curry or Asian food particularly beef and cashew nut Chinese.
What country do you live in - Currently Japan.
One really odd fact about yourself - I've lived in foreign countries longer than I have lived in my homecountry of NZ.
How did you start drumming - I just had that inclination - my mum said even at 2 years old I would hit the trash can with sticks all the time, clap in time, slap my thighs to music etc... I took to playing with chopsticks on cushions from about 8 years old. Got my first kit when I was 12. Turns out my father was also a drummer for a short time, as was my grandfather...though I never knew it until later.

To keep myself motivated, I have a youtube drum cover channel. Every week I pick a new song and record it... I'm not in a band, so it's a good way to maintain a goal. I pick songs that I like, not songs that necessarily let me show off. Most of my tastes in music revolve around metal or rock, so my covers reflect this - Slipknot, Forbidden, Sepultura, Soulfly, Shihad (NZ), Faith No More etc...... I'm nowhere near half as good as many of you in this forum, but I'm proud to be a part of the community none the less. I hope to meet many of you here and elsewhere on the net.

I have just migrated my drum videos to their own channel - I have a larger "all encompassing" channel featuring drift cars, Benzs, Drums - everything - about 300 videos......

So, I decided to make a unique channel for my drum clips - theres about 32 currently spanning about 18 months... I enjoyed rediscovering them during the switchover, simply because I have improved considerably in bith my playing and in my video production skills. I knwo most drummers couldnt care less about another drummers vidoes, but feel free to visit and let me know of your channel, should you have one :-) Im always checking out other drumemrs to get new insights.

The aforementioned drum channel :-)

Cheers, and thanks for reading. Will.
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