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Forum: Drum Technique 12-18-2014, 01:24 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Drum lesson: developing RLRLLK. How to build chops from patterns you already know.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm glad you enjoy it. :)
Forum: Drum Technique 12-16-2014, 07:31 PM
Replies: 7
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Posted By drummerpig
Drum lesson: developing RLRLLK. How to build chops from patterns you already know.

In this lesson, I break down a 6-note pattern, RLRLLK, and show a number of ways to build upon this phrase. The concepts presented in this video will work with practically any lick you know!
Forum: Drum Technique 09-29-2014, 05:07 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Linear Ghost Note Groove Lesson

Here's a fun linear groove with lots of ghost notes. It'll make your left hand real buff. Enjoy!

Forum: Drum Technique 09-23-2014, 02:13 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Would like some feedback on my hand technique

What size sticks are you using here? They look really thick. It might not hurt to try using smaller sticks. I personally have a much more difficult time controlling really chunky sticks compared to...
Forum: Drum Technique 09-22-2014, 06:49 PM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Blushda fill - drum lesson

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, my voice is exceptionally low due to the auto gain on the mic I was using. It sounds okay through headphones, but I'm going to use a separate mic for talking in the...
Forum: Drum Technique 09-15-2014, 05:54 PM
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Posted By drummerpig
Blushda fill - drum lesson

Here's a lesson on one of my all-time favorite licks to play.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGm9Tq5D-7M (Sorry the talking isn't louder)

This is the first time I've tried making a lesson...
Forum: Drum Technique 08-13-2012, 12:23 AM
Replies: 28
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Opening and Closing Hi-Hat

This. It's not only useful for keeping yourself in time, but it gives the other people you're playing with a reference point. When you get more experienced with this technique, you can use the hi hat...
Forum: General Discussion 07-29-2012, 03:22 AM
Replies: 34
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: So..what is your MOST favorite song to play?

I have two all-time favorites...

Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin

Starless - King Crimson <---- the slow 13/8 section is way more fun than it should be.

I love playing a bunch of grooves...
Forum: General Discussion 07-28-2012, 12:58 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Future of Music

I think the future of music really just comes down to originality. A lot of the songs I hear on the radio sound so similar -- overproduced, predictable structure, the same 4 chords, etc. But then...
Forum: Drum Technique 07-27-2012, 04:36 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: What to Pracice

I find tons of inspiration by just watching lots of drummers on youtube. I always find a new fill or groove that I want to learn and then think of ways to tweak it and make it my own. Sometimes it's...
Forum: Drum Technique 07-27-2012, 03:56 AM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Need help with my foot speed!

It's probably more an issue of technique than it is the settings on the pedals. I would suggest practicing just doing singles with your feet SLOWLY at first. Practice along to a metronome and make...
Forum: Drum Technique 07-25-2012, 11:37 PM
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Whats your opinion on open-handed drumming?

While I don't necessarily practice everything open-handed, I find it extremely useful for fills starting with the left hand. If you can use your weaker hand to start and end fills, you'll find an...
Forum: Drum Technique 07-25-2012, 11:26 PM
Replies: 6
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Posted By drummerpig
Re: Dotted Quarter Note Odd Grouping (Over the Bar Line) in 7/4

Very cool stuff! I've been toying with similar concepts with patterns of 5/16, 7/16, 9/16, and 11/16. I have a short video demonstrating the 7/16 pattern here --...
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