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Forum: Drums 05-06-2017, 05:59 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Help me name these 8 new finishes

Is this a clandestine ink blot test?
Forum: General Discussion 05-06-2017, 05:55 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Hate drum solos

Listen to some Morello drum journey's or perhaps one of his students Jerry Granelli for inspiration.

Morello on C Jam Blues (Newport 1958, Paul Desmond quartet)
Forum: General Discussion 11-21-2016, 02:22 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Band sucked - audience loved it $%%$?

Playbacks are often a humbling experience. What I usually find is that the music/song is way too busy.

CCR (as an example) was a band that stripped everything down to the barest of bones and...
Forum: General Discussion 09-06-2016, 03:11 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Bands that improvise - how do you signal the changes?

I'm in a band that goes into extended stuff all the time. The keyboard or the bass usually set up aurally and it just flows from there. Pretty esoteric indeed. And it works out well. It helps that...
Forum: General Discussion 09-06-2016, 03:08 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Anyone has done survey on drum kit owners before?

There was a college Research Paper survey up here a year or two ago.
Forum: Drummers 09-06-2016, 03:04 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Gary Husband Here!

Gosh, I'm going to have to think back a bit...

Birchmere with Allan Holdsworth late 90's...

Unforgettable but .... I've forgotten the electric bassists name...
Forum: General Discussion 08-11-2016, 05:48 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: How many different Brands do you Use?

Drums: Keller shells (except the FT which is an old Slingerland I've had since the late 60's) and I also have a 13x14 Tama maple which I'm working on.
Snare: Yamaha, and an ancient Gretsch marching...
Forum: Drums 07-25-2016, 07:23 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Recommendations for a new kit

Listen to the wood. Figure out which wood you prefer. Figure out which drums you enjoy listening to when you hear music you dig. What are they made out of? Figure out ply's, understand the...
Forum: General Discussion 07-25-2016, 07:17 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Anyone ever done musical gigs?

An old friend of mine up in DC got into some orchestra pit work, which at the time sounded rather different for him, but he dug it, stuck with it, still does it and hooked up with quite a few other...
Forum: General Discussion 07-25-2016, 07:13 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Don't look at me, I'm hideous

Good thing you're not a pianist. The basic quality acoustic piano costs around $5K, electronic set up as in keyboards, amps, peripherals, ancillary gear etc... another easy $5K... maintenance...
Forum: Drums 07-19-2016, 05:27 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Anyone play or record with a mismatched set (besides just the snare)?

My FT is birch. The rack and bass are mapes. They were all re-wrapped a while ago. I like the FT in birch.
Forum: Drums 07-19-2016, 05:24 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Badges - I need a little feedback

I have always liked the badges that are held in place by the vent hole grommet. Always seemed like a logical placement as it gives the air hole another function besides breaking wind.
Forum: General Discussion 07-15-2016, 11:14 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Quitting the metal scene

You have just moved on. Perhaps your "season" on that genre is over. Or perhaps not.
Forum: Drums 07-15-2016, 10:58 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: How many use the legendary . . .

Charlie wasn't playing it on the studio take either... well maybe he was but not at the same time he was drumming.
Forum: General Discussion 07-15-2016, 10:57 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Choose between playing toms or cymbals

bread and butter will see you through no matter what the occasion.
Forum: Drummers 07-12-2016, 06:21 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Ringo Starr

That's a perfect segue into: Who Da (BLEEP) is Jasper Carrott?
Forum: General Discussion 07-07-2016, 01:12 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Ginger Baker undergoes Heart Surgery

In total respect to Mr. Baker the following tale is submitted. Granted some folks will take great liberties, and perhaps Ginger himself will provide stinging commentary at a later date. I wish him...
Forum: Drummers 07-07-2016, 01:09 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Ringo Starr

Yet more accolades... Do you know where the term accolade comes from?

It was from the early days when Knights were tapped on the back (prior to the sword taps around the shoulders). The back...
Forum: General Discussion 07-06-2016, 07:19 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Ginger Baker undergoes Heart Surgery

In case you haven't heard. At age 76 Ginger is under the knife for a major heart procedure.

Forum: Drums 07-06-2016, 07:09 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: bongos sound question

I will add that some Cuban players used to use X-ray film on the macho, for a high cracking almost wood block tone. I tried it back in the early 2000's but the film I was able to get my hands on was...
Forum: Drums 06-24-2016, 04:26 AM
Replies: 199
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Posted By GeoB
Re: I will NEVER buy / own _______, and here's why.

If you are shopping and a song you wrote is being played on the Muzak system, you have actually "made it."
Forum: Drums 06-23-2016, 04:55 PM
Replies: 199
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Posted By GeoB
Re: I will NEVER buy / own _______, and here's why.

A boat... kayak maybe, canoe... (I have never been in a canoe that didn't flip). But a boat (and having many friends with boats, and having worked on many ships in many oceans), is, as they say... ...
Forum: General Discussion 06-23-2016, 04:29 PM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Drummer of 10 years and I'm starting over. Advice?

YouTube Ted Poor and see what can be done or extended from what you already have learned. Don't unlearn, but add to it. At risk of sounding corny... pursue the art.
Forum: Drum Technique 06-23-2016, 05:11 AM
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Posted By GeoB
Re: Drumming questions for any who know the answers . . .

64th's in a 4/4 would probably sound like an M-42 Machine gun. And the same would apply for all of your scenario's listed. IMHO these are drum machine speeds. Keep in mind that I think brushes are...
Forum: General Discussion 06-23-2016, 05:05 AM
Replies: 23
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Posted By GeoB
Re: How hard do you have to play the hi hat to be heard?

Jordan and Carter Beauford use crashes for hi-hats.

I use New Beats 14" and in louder situations they are barely audible.
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