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Forum: Drums 05-01-2013, 03:14 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Guru questions

Haha, was hoping for an early sneak peak!

Looking forward to it, saw that Jon from Dry The River tried out a Guru kit in the studio not long ago, great guy.
Forum: Drums 04-30-2013, 02:29 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Guru questions

So, its next week now...
Forum: Drums 11-23-2012, 04:01 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Ludwig Classic

560 for 1960's Ludwigs in the UK is an absolute steal!
Forum: Drums 11-23-2012, 03:29 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Why do some snares have numbers?

Think he means the DW heads like this:


As far as I'm aware it has no real purpose other than to help you with a star pattern when tuning
Forum: Drums 11-02-2012, 01:40 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: New Snare Drum

Matt Helders used a Ludwig 402 on most tracks on their latest 3 albums, and I'd Pat Carney probably used one too as they're a classic rock drum. (Most recorded of all time?...)
Forum: Drums 10-31-2012, 09:06 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: 14/18/24" vs 16/18/24"

Haha yeah I heard he has a 20" kick behind it. Still ridiculous
Forum: Drums 10-30-2012, 01:07 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Drum sets with 1 mounted tom/2 floor toms

You can probably still pick up a set of Ludwig Centennials in a Moto or Zep set config for around €1150, I know Thomann has a set in still.

or the Gretch Catalina's would set you back around €700...
Forum: Drums 10-30-2012, 12:24 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: 14/18/24" vs 16/18/24"


Ignore the ridiculous bass drum and its not unfeasible for a 16" to be a rack tom at a comfortable height.

I would definitely go for the 14"...
Forum: Drums 10-15-2012, 04:38 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: 42" ludwig bass drum for sale

I also thought this, Id check with the seller before jumping on it.

However, $245 for a vintage ludwig kick is probably gonna be worth it either way
Forum: Drums 10-13-2012, 01:10 AM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Tama superstar. Good deal?

I have Tama Superstar Customs in those sizes. Great drums, toms are very versatile pitch wise and hold their tuning pretty well in my experience, probably the best part of the kit.

The snare is...
Forum: Drums 06-29-2012, 04:49 AM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: My bass drum sound?

Unless you try something like a Kelly SHU mount inside the kick?


A guy I know has one so that he can retain that unported feel, gets some really nice...
Forum: Drums 06-19-2012, 05:01 AM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Cutting through

I think its very easy to find it difficult to appreciate how loud the drums are in a practise situation from behind the kit.

Recording one song with a camera phone did enough of a job on me to...
Forum: Drums 05-03-2012, 10:00 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Whats the Mesa boogie of drums?

I've always associated Tama with Rock/heavy rock/Metal too for some reason
Forum: Drums 04-29-2012, 11:08 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Jason Sutters new Ludwig Classic!!

Reminds me of this...


Definitely one of my dream kits
Forum: Drums 04-29-2012, 10:44 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: What is the make and finish of this drum kit?

Its definitely Tama from the lugs, and from the tom mount on the bass drum i'd say its the Superstar Range. In Satin white flame as mentioned.
Forum: Drums 04-17-2012, 08:58 PM
Replies: 17
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Drumwerx Kit Shipping Today

Make sure to take pictures of the boxes when they arrive incase you need them to claim off the delivery company in the event of damage.

Hopefully there will be nothing wrong though, post pictures...
Forum: Drums 04-14-2012, 06:13 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Can anyone shed some light on this Ludwig Kit

I think tamadrm nailed the kit in the pictures, however they are a lot more expensive to get nowadays than what I think is your price range. (around $600-750?)

If I were you, I'd look at the...
Forum: Drums 04-14-2012, 05:55 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: My bass drum sound is now perfect..

If you mean this stuff:


Then I use it too, much better than an EMAD EQ pad I have found, as it just fits perfectly touching...
Forum: Drums 04-14-2012, 05:51 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Wooden equivalant of the Black Beauty?

I dont really get how you can 'overhype' a snare drum when the only people who 'hype' them all own and use one for very valid and common reasons.
Forum: Drums 04-12-2012, 02:02 AM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Can anyone shed some light on this Ludwig Kit

Hawkins, Grohl and Bonham all generally use(d) large sizes.

Talking 24-26" kicks, 13" rack, and 16" and 18" floor toms.

Taylor has some small concert toms live, but other than that they all...
Forum: Drummers 04-10-2012, 01:30 AM
Replies: 55
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Taylor Hawkins


Wonder why hes taken to using a concert tom instead of a traditional rack tom?
Forum: Drums 11-19-2011, 02:52 AM
Replies: 119
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Why aren't more people playing BIG bass drums?

How i wish i could trade my 22x18 for a 24x16...
Forum: General Discussion 11-12-2011, 10:56 PM
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Drumming with fingers missing

One of the most inspirational drummers ive ever seen was a guy called Brian who played for a band called Figure 5 i once saw at Brixton Academy...

anyway, this guy was drumming amazingly...and he...
Forum: General Discussion 11-12-2011, 09:12 PM
Replies: 21
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Favorite drum/hardware innovation

This saves my life, boom stands wouldnt fit in my makeshift hardware bag without them!
Forum: General Discussion 11-12-2011, 08:58 PM
Replies: 75
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Posted By SitBack
Re: Lou Reed & Metallica :(

Do you not like the Black album? i thought everyone liked that album...

I must be one of the only metallica fans on the planet who likes Load and Reload more than their earlier stuff...

Tbh, I...
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