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Forum: General Discussion 07-24-2015, 10:25 PM
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Re: Joe Wong: How Do Drummers Navigate Through Life?

Joe, if you're taking suggestions, don't be afraid to make them longer if it's possible. I regularly listen to podcasts of up to 4 hours (not saying go that long). I also wouldn't be afraid to have...
Forum: General Discussion 07-24-2015, 02:42 AM
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Re: Bernard Purdie Tells His Story!

I didn't listen to Purdie yet, but checked out Cobham and Sheila E. Really well done!
Very informative interview witih Mr. Cobham and it shows the power of the podcast medium to show the character...
Forum: General Discussion 07-19-2015, 06:59 PM
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Re: Why Musicians DON'T Deserve to Get Paid

I thought it was pretty funny.

But what about when you actually make money for other people when you play? We did a gig recently where we brought out 20-25 people at $8/head. And got handed $30 at...
Forum: General Discussion 07-14-2015, 05:18 PM
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Re: Less Playing = More Kudos

This reminds me of being invited to "jam" by a guitarist. And they play eight measure of a blues riff then go off on a guitar solo over your drumming. Nothing sounds dumber to me than this scenario....
Forum: General Discussion 07-07-2015, 11:54 PM
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Re: Two up - 13/10/16 config - Mounting issue

Just some good old Gibralter tom mounts on cymbal stands work for me, but I have a four-piece style set-up. I imagine positioning that second rack tom would be kind of awkward if you position to the...
Forum: General Discussion 07-05-2015, 07:20 PM
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Re: Drinking and Drumming

I find that alcohol affects my tempo very quickly! I am good with one or two at a gig, but more than that any my tempo and playing start to suffer.
Forum: General Discussion 07-01-2015, 10:03 PM
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Re: Acrylic snare? Any good?

I have the Crush acrylic snare (and 5-piece kit). The snare sounds really good- it's a different type of sound, hard to describe. It does take some careful tuning to not sound kind of bland.

Forum: General Discussion 06-24-2015, 11:09 PM
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Re: Fess Up Which one of you is responsible for this?

Ha- I am sitting a couple miles from Madam's Organ right now. I know that place pretty well.
Forum: General Discussion 06-16-2015, 02:27 AM
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When you're having a bad night...

Let's say your day wasn't so great. You had a flat tire and your paycheck didn't clear. We've all had that gig where you're not feeling it. At the gig that night, you are uninspired. Your attempts...
Forum: General Discussion 06-13-2015, 06:15 PM
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Re: Drum fads: Past, present...and future?

Drum racks?
Power toms
hydraulic heads and the dead sound
Simmons pads
Big multi tom kits w/ double bass (maybe coming back)
Paiste Rude cymbals
metal drum sticks
colored drum sticks...
Forum: General Discussion 06-09-2015, 03:10 AM
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Re: Sting - Paris 1985 - Bring on the Night

Cool! I was a huge Police fan and this was a huge left turn- a major rock star turning to jazz. Sting is an absolutely brilliant musician with a lot of musical "ethics."
Forum: General Discussion 06-07-2015, 05:28 PM
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Re: What's Your Signature Fill?

Here's mine:


Get's 'em every time!
Forum: General Discussion 05-22-2015, 04:18 AM
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Re: Guru snare competition results!

Congrats all around. Very impressive!
Forum: General Discussion 05-14-2015, 06:41 PM
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Re: What is your drum setup pet peeve?

For some reason a single bass drum kit with a spread of many rack toms just looks very cheesy and dated to me.
Forum: General Discussion 05-05-2015, 08:52 PM
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Re: Successful Songs in Set?

My band structures sets according to energy levels of the music, and that seems to work. It's pretty standard.
Start with something high-energy, punchy, tight and exciting.
Follow with a...
Forum: General Discussion 05-05-2015, 04:56 AM
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Re: Keeping stands/drums in the same position

The rack I have is not really designed for gigging. I like the more streamlined feel of the stands, but it's tougher to position.
Forum: General Discussion 05-05-2015, 02:39 AM
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Re: Keeping stands/drums in the same position

I'll try the marker. I guess eliminating as many variables as I can is the key. It's crazy how having things a little off the mark is so distracting.

And then you get to the gig and they want you...
Forum: General Discussion 05-04-2015, 11:50 PM
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Keeping stands/drums in the same position

I recently ditched my drum rack for stands, but having issues keeping things positioned (I have a five piece kit with five e-pads). I always tell myself it will be easy to get it right at the show,...
Forum: General Discussion 04-27-2015, 07:34 PM
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Re: No Respect

There is no reason in the world to spend a split second getting on stage with somebody that doesn't respect you. Jokes are one thing- when it starts getting dickish I start taking exception.

Forum: General Discussion 04-15-2015, 02:19 AM
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Re: Acoustic Drums VS Electronic Drum Kits

I've posted this before, but only because of my enthusiasm for what a great practice kit it is. My wife and baby daughter can be asleep in the next room and I can practice as late as I can stay...
Forum: General Discussion 04-11-2015, 06:04 PM
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Re: My personal list of rock and roll's top cowbell moments

I have th p/g DVD and I know what you're talking about. He must have overdubbed it and then gone back and learned it. For some reason that's probably my favorite live DVD from Rush. Those red Tama...
Forum: General Discussion 04-11-2015, 02:24 AM
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Re: My personal list of rock and roll's top cowbell moments

Good stuff! I see the 70s very well represented.

DrumEatDrum- I tried to think of a Portnoy number to add to this list, but couldn't. I hadn't thought of that song.
Something tells me that...
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2015, 08:14 PM
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Re: My personal list of rock and roll's top cowbell moments

Ah...the Beatles song was an omission! The Procul Harum song I am not familiar with, but I'll check it out.
Forum: General Discussion 04-10-2015, 07:34 PM
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My personal list of rock and roll's top cowbell moments

Don't be hatin'... ;) And I know that the drummer might not have played the cowbell in studio, but he or she gets the credit.

In honor of the news that Mike Portnoy will be replacing the late AJ...
Forum: General Discussion 04-04-2015, 02:07 AM
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Re: Acoustic Drums VS Electronic Drum Kits

As someone said, if you live in an apartment, an E-kit is not guaranteed to be quiet enough. The pads can be loud.

Mesh heads are the best. Pearl sells a five piece kit. Just be warned a mesh head...
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