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Forum: General Discussion 01-04-2015, 02:50 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: i just want one kit :/

Similar to my need for 3

An all around kit
A vintage kit
A "rehearsal place" e-kit (real hats and ride)
Forum: General Discussion 12-28-2014, 03:42 AM
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Posted By Rotarded

Earliest influence was Chicago's Greatest Hits. We covered it while I was in school band - pre my first kit.

Boston #1
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
Foreigner #1
Bad Company Bad Company...
Forum: Drums 12-21-2014, 04:25 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Yamaha Stage Custom Vs OCDP Venice Vs PDP Concept Maple

I owned both a Yamaha SC and a Concept Maple at the same time Loved both kits for what they were, but would have to go with the Concept. I had the same heads on both, and and the maple kit just...
Forum: Drums 12-18-2014, 04:06 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Upgrade From Yamaha DP... 60's Ludwig?

The short response:

1. Vintage 3plys will sound very much different, or should I say sound very much better. These drums will be warm, resonant, and project very well (fill the room with sound).
Forum: Drums 12-16-2014, 01:05 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Keep an antique set safe for the travels

I gig my '64 Ludwig. I'm just careful and pack, load, and unload it myself.
Forum: General Discussion 12-13-2014, 01:56 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Who uses Moongel?

I use them on the batter heads and leave them on. I do however cut them down to get the dampening I like, usually just reducing the initial "ping" sound. I''ve used as little as a quarter inch square.
Forum: Drums 12-11-2014, 04:25 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Kit Upgrade, Looking for Advice

There are nice quality used kits on Craigslist Columbus/Dayton/Cincy all the time, at great prices. You just need to be vigilant.

I just sold my PDP Concept Maple kit a few weeks ago on Columbus...
Forum: General Discussion 12-04-2014, 03:02 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: A Singing Drummer's Mic Set-up

"That's 2 Whoppers with cheese and a large fry. Please pull through to the 2nd window!" and 1 and 2 and........

I sing lead on a dozen songs, backing on almost all the rest. My headset:...
Forum: General Discussion 11-10-2014, 06:24 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Singing and playing?

I too was fortunate that singing while drumming came very easily. My list of songs that I sing lead on has grown to over a dozen due to the fact that I have the highest, and broadest, vocal range of...
Forum: Drums 11-08-2014, 04:51 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Ludwig Vintage(?) Snare Drum

Forum: General Discussion 11-04-2014, 05:57 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: What's your latest purchase?

Ordered a DW Performance Series Kit in Pewter Sparkle (8x10, 9x12, 14x16, 18x22, and 6.5x14)

Soooooo stoked!

Forum: Drum Technique 10-13-2014, 05:28 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Using Left Foot Hi-Hat, Does It Help Improve Time?

Another vote for the wisdom of Bermuda!

I've been asked many times, by non-drummers, as to why my left knee bounces so much (actually caused by my heel ) when I'm not opening, or even playing the...
Forum: General Discussion 10-01-2014, 12:08 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: What's your latest purchase?

I have been looking for about 3 months to round out my snare "collection" with a brass snare. So many great choices to be had but I couldn't pass on this one when I found it brand new, for less than...
Forum: General Discussion 09-19-2014, 05:49 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Cover Band Drummists - How accurate are you?

I absolutely concur here. I play in a primarily Funk cover band with no horns or keyboards, and we play a few of the songs mentioned by Bermuda in his posts.

While I take creative license on many...
Forum: Drums 08-11-2014, 01:27 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Multiple Kit Owners, Show Your Favorite Kit

It's gotta be my '64 Downbeat. I gig it every once in a while on special occasions. Otherwise I rotate between the others based upon venue....
Forum: Drums 07-21-2014, 04:44 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: My First Ludwig Acrolite

You are correct on the 1993 intro. I mistakenly was dating the badge as it was started in the mid/late 80s on the Rocker series. There seem to be no credible records on the black/white badge serial...
Forum: Drums 07-21-2014, 04:05 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: My First Ludwig Acrolite

Black and white badged drums are difficult to date precisely. Your snare is most likely is from the late 80's.
Forum: Drums 07-21-2014, 06:44 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: PDP Concept Maple vs. DW Design Series

I've been gigging my Concept Maple for 17 months with absolutely no complaints about it. I love it, my band loves it, sound engineers have nothing but great things to say about it.

BTW, A friend...
Forum: Drums 07-21-2014, 04:28 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: My First Ludwig Acrolite

Congrats on the Black Galaxy Acrolite, AKA "Blacrolite".

I imagine it'll be your favorite snare shortly. My drums don't leave the house without my "Blacrolite", most often as the primary, not the...
Forum: General Discussion 06-29-2014, 07:10 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Does anyone else hate splash cymbals?

I LOVE my A Custom 12" splash and beat the hell out of it regularly. It fits in perfectly as more of an accent crash in the Funk based music my band plays. I tried a 10" A Zildjian and could never...
Forum: Drums 06-22-2014, 03:11 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage for recording?

That drum kit is fine for recording. I happen to own one and they are considered by most as a mid-range kit. For recording it's more about the heads, tuning, microphones and their placement.
Forum: General Discussion 06-12-2014, 06:28 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: What's your latest purchase?

Todays snag:

Forum: General Discussion 06-11-2014, 07:48 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: songs with leading toms

U2: Desire
Split Enz: I got you
Pat Benatar: Heartbreaker
Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

"Aye an' a bit of mackeral, settler rack and down"

Oh the memories. I'm going to...
Forum: Drums 06-06-2014, 03:09 AM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: Hanging Toms vs. Floor Toms - Yamaha Hexrack

I hang both my 14" and 16" by inverting them and using 2 of the 3 floor tom leg mounts to suspend each on my Concept Maple kit. They are rock solid!
When I don't have the room at a gig for the 16",...
Forum: Drums 06-03-2014, 05:30 PM
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Posted By Rotarded
Re: 1965 Ludwig Club Date Black Diamond Pearl pre-purchase input

I agree with the above. If it fits your "need" and or desire, and you do understand what your getting from your Hollywood ownership experience, you just need to define what you'd are willing to pay....
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