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Forum: General Discussion Yesterday, 09:12 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Negative Progress / Quitting

Is there anyone else around you can play with? I could easily see myself getting into exactly the same rut as you if I were just going it alone with drumming. I would almost feel like what's the...
Forum: General Discussion 07-18-2014, 11:44 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Have i lost it?

I need the real thing, too. I want to play drums, not pads!

When I first got it into my head that I wanted to play drums, my brother got me a practice pad. I treated it as a drumset with different...
Forum: General Discussion 07-17-2014, 02:20 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: What full albums do you like to drum along to?

I'll second Moving Pictures. I don't think I'll ever get sick of that record.
Forum: General Discussion 07-16-2014, 02:35 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Help - Meeting up with Guitarist

I agree. Have a chat on the phone about playing experiences, favorite bands, and the like, then get together for a jam and see how it goes if the chat didn't weird you out or reveal...
Forum: General Discussion 07-15-2014, 02:54 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Why is it you never see threads saying....

I was fantasizing about the prospect of all my cymbals getting stolen. Not for real, but as a thought exercise to starting over with my cymbals and what would I do differently.

As long as I can...
Forum: General Discussion 07-03-2014, 05:12 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: What's your latest purchase?

Ah yes, a 2008 from a pawn shop. Gotta love it. Oh wait, is this a drums-only forum? My bad...
Forum: General Discussion 07-03-2014, 04:57 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: What happened to the resonance?

The Saturns already have an isolation mounting system, so ftdrum's and Michaelocalypse's suggestions here might be your best bet. On one of the Gatzen videos (not sure which one), he says to keep...
Forum: Drums 07-03-2014, 01:19 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Snare Trouble

The snare you had before was heavily damped with the ring and the internal muffler. I suspect if you take those off, it will make all the horrid sounds your new one makes (assuming the tuning and...
Forum: General Discussion 07-02-2014, 11:14 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: When people ask you to 'play something', what do you play?

That's how I go about it, too. At my last band practice, I went outside to take an air break and goof around with some new metronome app I'd just downloaded. It was pretty cool - I picked an 8th note...
Forum: General Discussion 06-26-2014, 05:38 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Here's an idea

Excellent topic, Bo.

Seems to me that people are fairly simple creatures - at least in the sense that they'll willingly do the things that are fun and satisfying.

I've been been playing...
Forum: Drums 06-23-2014, 04:56 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Maple or Birch for hard hitters ?

There is no preferred wood for hard hitters. Without over thinking this one too much, heads and tuning is where 98% of the difference will come from and the other 2% will be comparatively subtle,...
Forum: Drums 06-19-2014, 01:29 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: a little help with this super sensitive please?

But it's already a Supersensitive.

No harm in putting a P-85/6 and whatever part # butt plate on it if the holes line up - which I don't know if they do or not ... Steve?

On the other hand, I...
Forum: Drums 06-13-2014, 11:08 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: How do you stabilize a virgin bass drum that jumps up and down?

Like GD, it really sounds to me like your pedal isn't clamping dead-center on the hoop. When I attach my pedal, I just loosely put it on there while kind of stomping on it and jostling things around...
Forum: General Discussion 06-12-2014, 02:29 AM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Shall one just play with everybody to stand out?

Potential for what?

Some people are happy enough just playing their instruments while others have strong opinions about what kind of music they'd be happy playing. Still others won't play unless...
Forum: Drums 06-09-2014, 11:55 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Am I the only one here that hated the Kick Port?

I put one on my 24x14 with a PS3 batter and ported Ambassador reso (no other muffling), and didn't notice much difference. I wasn't crazy about the look of it so eventually took it off. Again, I...
Forum: Drums 06-09-2014, 10:15 PM
Replies: 73
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Ludwig P-85 rant

I had this issue with my 402 and BB until Karl Krafton turned me on to the Remo SA-0314-TD. It's a low collar head that doesn't mash up on the butt plate before it's tensioned right - thanks again,...
Forum: General Discussion 05-16-2014, 05:10 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Should I criticise my singer

Since you're a hobby band playing for no pay, maybe suggest transitioning to becoming an originals band. There are tons of great singers with limited range. Play to your strengths.
Forum: General Discussion 05-08-2014, 08:46 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Setting up left-handed

I tried it once ... it was pretty dismal. Definitely can see the benefit, though. One thing I noticed right away was the altered beat placement on the kick drum. I wasn't expecting that, but it was...
Forum: General Discussion 05-08-2014, 07:28 PM
Replies: 5
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Tommy Lee with the Pumpkins?

Interesting. Never been a fan of the music Tommy Lee's been associated with, but I've always really dug the way he sticks the time just so, so even though it's been a long time since I've heard any...
Forum: Drums 01-14-2014, 10:07 PM
Replies: 4
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Posted By MikeM
Re: New Bass Drum Hoops for Old Tama Superstars

I also have a 24" cherry wine Superstar and my batter - side hoop is delaminated. I've been thinking about blonde maple rather than trying to get a match. It's not exactly a Tama look but it is a...
Forum: General Discussion 01-14-2014, 04:05 PM
Replies: 48
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Possibly one of the best videos I've ever seen...

Geez, I'm kinda surprised to see this much love here for these guys. I've beena fan of this collective of drummers for as long as I've been aware of them, which only goes back as far as Pridgen's...
Forum: General Discussion 01-11-2014, 10:12 PM
Replies: 27
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Why do people treat their drums so badly?

I used cases for the first 2 or 3 kits I bought new and it was good because the drums were in mint condition when I sold them off after a few years. But man, that was a lot of extra work. I saw other...
Forum: General Discussion 12-21-2013, 11:56 PM
Replies: 126
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Posted By MikeM
Re: is anyone ever satisfied with their playing?

Ever satisfied? Ha, I'm almost ALWAYS satisfied!

In all seriousness, there seems to be this persistent emphasis and obsession with the things we can't do; the more you know the more you don't...
Forum: Drums 12-21-2013, 09:24 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: Ludwig Supraphonic Tuning issues

Agreed. Most of use have had this issue at some point, I'm sure.

As mentioned already, completely loosen the head(s) and start over. One trick I recently learned is simply using two drum keys...
Forum: General Discussion 12-20-2013, 05:05 PM
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Posted By MikeM
Re: I can only play original music?

I learn covers all the time just for fun and out of impulse but I've never played in a cover band. I find that deconstructing other drummers' parts is not only a helluva lotta fun, but massively...
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